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The Society of Christian Legal Scholars is managed by a startup committee.

Barbara E. Armacost

Professor of Law

University of Virginia Law School

Margo A Bagley

Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Law

Emory Law School

Samuel L. Bray

Professor of Law

University of Notre Dame

Nathan S. Chapman

Pope F. Brock Associate Professor in Professional Responsibility

University of Georgia School of Law

Andrew Hayashi

Class of 1948 Professor of Scholarly Research in Law

University of Virginia School of Law

Cecelia M. Klingele

Associate Professor of Law

University of Wisconsin

Brandon Paradise

Associate Professor &

Dallas Willard Scholar

Rutgers University School of Law

Amelia J. Uelmen


Georgetown Law School

We are working on governing documents and developing short- to mid-term goals. We anticipate that the Society will be managed by a rotating executive board and committees. We are committed to a leadership team that reflects the breadth of Christ's church.
We welcome your suggestions, feedback, and interest in serving the Society.
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